Business Plan

Package A

 * Free Registration.

* Purchase Any Product and Activate Your Account.

Package B

* Purchase the Product and Active Your Account.

* Product will deliver through Our franchisee or by compny.

Apnabharath Offering 7 stars of Incomes

1. Direct Refferal Income

* When you Refer some one to Apnabharath, then Company will pay you a Referral Income..

* REFERRAL INCOME is 5% of Every Direct Join Under you for life time.

* You can Refer Multiple People.

2. Matrix Income

* 6 Matix upto 6 Levels

* 5% will be given up to 6 Levels.

* For an Example joining Rs.650/- every one do 6 direct sales and multiplies 6 levels.

Matrix Income Level Team Earning Team Earning
1 Level 1 6 32.50 195
2 Level 2 36 32.50 1,170
3 Level 3 216 32.50 7,020
4 Level 4 1296 32.50 42,120
5 Level 5 7,776 32.50 2,52,720
6 Level 6 46,656 32.50 15,16,320
Total 6 Levels 55,986 195 18,19,740
3. Awards & Rewards
Level 2: Compleation Gold Achiver Watch Worth Rs-1000-/. Level 4: Compleation Platinum Achiver 1 Lakh Car Found Level 6: Compleation Diamond Achiver 50 Lakhs 2BH Flat
Salary Income Achievement Salary
1 Level 3 2000*6 Monts
2 Level 5 25000*24 Months
5. Repurchase Income

  Register Member will get 10% income on each purchase.

  To get Repurchase up to 6 Levels.

  5% Will be sharing up to 6 Levels

6. Franchises Income

  ApnaBharath looking for Franchises super stokist->7%.

  Stokist ->5% Will be Release

7. Royalty Income

  Achievers will get 5% on company turnover once the sucessfully compleated Diamond cader.

Terms & Conditions:
* The compensation will be paid on a Daily basis.
* The compensation will be transferred directly to subscriber Bank account via NEFT/ RTGS.
* Minimum NEFT/RTGS payout should be amount Rs.200/-.
* The amount of 5% will be deducted for all payouts as TDS Charges & 5% as Admin charges as per Government Rules.
* Please upload your ID Proof & PAN card to verify and confirm the PAN details.
* Development expenses, handling, Courier charges as per Company norms as and when required.
* The amount is non refundable and non transferable once the company - Distributor/Retailer have entered this agreement for purchase of product offered and further if no referral sales is made by the distributor/ Retailer he shall not in any way be eligible for any of the incentives.
* If any distributors false statement, the company reserve all right to terminate distributorship.
* The applicant should have completed minimum 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter into contract as provided in the Indian Contract Act.
* The company reserves full rights to modify the terms and conditions, products, schemes, business opportunity and policies, by giving a prior notice through its website and it will bind all the Retailers & members of the company.