About Us


APNABHARATH deals in high quality products for utmost customer satisfaction. APNABHARATH also maintains strict quality control and follows all principles of Best Business Practice. APNABHARATH has a highly professional team to maintain the day to business affairs. APNABHARATH ensures a golden future for all its Business Distributors with a powerful Marketing Plan backing up the careers and giving full financial freedom. Signup now to reap the rich benefits.

Our Vision

APNABHARATH is started by a group of persons having vast experience in various fields like Direct Marketing, Real Estate, Insurance, Consumer and Home appliances, etc Riserich has now devised a unique Marketing Plan, where every customer of the company automatically becomes a Business Distributor of the company.

Our Aim

HIGH LEVELS OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION APNABHARATH offers its services primarily through long-term unlimited service subscription plans of 1 to 3 years allowing customers to choose a plan which works best for them. Customers can choose from various channels to contact APNABHARATH including web-based self-help support, real-time phone, chat and e-mail.As part of these subscriptions, offers a comprehensive suite of service offerings including diagnosis and repair, installation and maintenance services and training for multiple devices, software applications and other products including. APNABHARATH customer satisfaction scores are amongst the highest in the technical support industry.